FastWasher FAQs

FastWasher FAQs

1. When will my order ship?
Orders will begin shipping out late April 2018.

2.  Where is the FastWasher made?
It is made and assembled in Michigan with some parts coming from China.

3. Will there be duty on my order?
Only if you live in Canada

4. When will this be available in my country?
Please send this link to your local retailer and cc’d on the email.

5. What comes in my kit?
Please see and refer to the kit contents

6. Can I plug the FastWasher into a regular wall outlet?
No it must be plugged into a GFCI outlet or an extension cord with a GFCI built into it. If not, the warranty is void.

7. Is the pumped grounded and CE/UL listed?
Yes it is a 3-prong and CE/UL listed.

8. Can I run boiling or very hot water through my FastWasher?
No the maximum temperature it can handle is 176 F or 80 C.